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Alice Keane

Alice Keane headshot 2020.jpg

Alice Keane is an Irish born playwright and performer. She has a diploma in Speech and Drama, a B.A. in Film and Screen Media (U.C.C.) and an M.A. in Playwriting and Dramaturgy.  Outside of teaching theatre, Alice is an avid nerd! She has been playing/DMing D&D for 6 years and plans on never stopping! Alice has taught drama all around Ireland and in the United States. Recently she has worked on projects such as AboutFace's Transatlantic tales (Online ,New York's Origin theatre programme), The Kinds of Sex You Might Have in College and How I Learned About Consent (Active Consent), Adventuretime, Irish Translation (Macalla Teoranta) and script consultancy with Morgan Creative. Her passions lie in comedy, children's theatre, TTRPGs and subversion of genre.

Education and Outreach Coordinator

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