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In This      World

         by Hannah Moscovitch

The main characters of In This World sit dejected outside the principals office.

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Grades 7-12

In This World is a complex exploration of race, class and sex as experienced by two teenage girls in an urban high school. Bijou and Neyssa share the same school and volleyball team, but are from two completely different worlds.

The play opens following an altercation between the two friends. Nessya has punched Bijou in the face for no apparent reason. Both girls sit in detention without supervision, but are unable to discuss the problems between them. Deep down both girls want what the other has, but each refuses to give up certain things – Neyssa her pride and Bijou her personal freedom. Unfortunately for both, navigating the world is difficult even under the best circumstances. The world and its rules can change when least expected, leaving us to contend with our beliefs and our choices.

Curriculum Connections: Social Science & Humanities, Physical & Health Education, Drama, Law

Themes: Self-Advocacy, Racism, Classism, Equity, Date Rape

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Meet Cute is written by Erin Norah Thompson. The 2017 production featured Margarita Valderrama & Aldrin Bundoc, was co-directed by Aaron Willis & Jill Harper, stage managed by Dana Paul, set and costume designed by Anna Treusch, and sound designed by Courtney Pyke.

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