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of a Feather

 by Robert Watson

Michaela Di Cesare spreads her wings against a water colour backdrop. Her hat is like a beak.

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Grades K-4

While on vacation with her grandma in Hawaii, junior birdwatcher Sarah befriends Violet who introduces her to the world of the Laysan albatross, a native species of bird that has a diferent kind of family from many others. The girls create a story about Makani and Kainoa, two albatross who are working together to hatch an egg. Through their exploration they learn about compromise, believing in yourself and that family in all its varieties is made up of the people who love you. The birds rejoice when their egg finally hatches and the play concludes with Sarah feeling secure in the knowledge that her family is the perfect one for her.

Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Drama Social Studies

Themes: Family, Diversity, Imagination, Identity

Actors: Michaela Di Cesare, Bria McLaughlin

From the 2017 Roseneath Theatre production of ‘Birds of a Feather’ by Robert Watson

Photo Credit: John Packman

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