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For Artists

Actors, Playwrights, Designers and Directors

For Actors

We are a professional Canadian theatre and, presently, the largest working under the Independent Theatre Agreement (ITA). We almost always hire full Equity (CAEA) actors. We pay above Equity base rates as actors are expected to assist with the set-up and strike of the set, props and costumes while on tour. We audition and hire actors throughout the season, but do most of our auditioning in June and September. We audition for specific roles and hold general auditions every two years. To get an audition please do not approach us directly. Ask your agent to submit you when they receive a breakdown from us. If your agent has never received a breakdown, ask them to contact us and we’ll be happy to add them to our list. Do not assume that your agent will submit your name even if they do receive a breakdown.

For Playwrights

Ontario Arts Council – Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators:

If you are interested in applying for the OAC’s Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators program please click the following link for Roseneath’s expectations: Roseneath Recommender Grants Tips And Tricks Application Guide. All applications must be submitted through the OAC’s online portal by the deadline of Wednesday, December 20th 2023 at 1:00PM. Physical applications will not be accepted. You can also learn more on the OAC’s web page for Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators.

If you would like to submit a play for Roseneath to consider for production in future seasons please read the following carefully: Playwrights frequently ask “what are you looking for?” It’s an honest question, but a hard one to answer. In essence, we’re looking for world class TYA. We produce or present original dramatic literature for children. Our largest cast size is four plus a stage manager. Almost always our plays are in one act and run 50-54 minutes. We create productions with specific audiences in mind: Primary (Kindergarten to Grade 3), Junior (Grades 4-6, can play up to 7-8), High School (9-12, can play down to 7-8). Please refer to your target audience in your submission or say that you are unsure. Please submit a one or two page outline which would include the idea, the target audience, the cast size, the story, press reviews, production history and any additional details that you feel are necessary to Artistic Director, Andrew Lamb:

For Directors and Designers

Directors and Designers who are interested in working with Roseneath Theatre should send their resumes with a covering letter to Artistic Director, Andrew Lamb:

For Stage Managers and Production Staff

We are always looking for experienced touring stage managers and contract production staff. Season production help is decided on an as needed basis. It should be noted we generally outsource most of our set and properties construction. If interested, please contact Production Manager:

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