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Live Streams

Book a live performance streamed to your classroom or student devices! 

If a student in your class requires ASL interpretation for this live stream, please contact

We can make arrangements for interpreters to join the zoom on the day of your scheduled performance.

Pink Walls


Taking Care of Maman


Eli’s maman is having her sadness again and she knows the only one who can help is their neighbour Madame Jean. This funny and touching piece explores how two completely different generations develop a supportive and lasting relationship during the hardest time of the pandemic. 

Themes: Storytelling, Mental Health, Immigration

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Drama, Language Arts, French Language 

Djennie Laguerre a black woman with medium length straight hair. She is wearing black.

Djennie Laguerre

For Roseneath Theatre: writer and solo performer in our tour of Rendez-vous With Home - Dora nominee for Outstanding Individual Performer. Djennie is a graduate of The Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting in NYC and the University of Ottawa (Theatre and French Literature).  She is an actor, writer, and storyteller. Select theatre credits include Espoir/Espwa (Imaginary Invalid), Les Zinspirés (Producer le Théâtre Français de Toronto), Rez Sisters (Factory Theatre), (Anonymous) Women (Infintheatre).  She wrote and performed Rendez-vous Home/ Lakay at various storytelling festivals and toured in French and English in Montreal with Black Theatre Workshop. Djennie is getting ready to tour with her next written play Mother Sea/Manman la mer in April- May 2021 COVID WILLING. Djennie is currently developing a show for Luminato Festival (Residency 2020-21). She is very proud to be a teaching artist for the Ontario Arts Council for 15 years.

A broken phone is held up against a grey toronto sky with a red sun. Displaying texts of emojis

Grades 4-8

Like We Used To


Lara and Sam are 6th graders who talk over zoom in an attempt to organize youth climate action during the covid 19 lockdown. They clash over what to do to help the big picture and get tangled in their personal relationship. A pandemic shifted look being with your friends and trying to make a difference in the world. IT begs the question, is 50,000 followers on social media is enough to make an impact?

Themes: Climate Change, Activism, Social Media, Bullying

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Language Arts, Drama

Mina James has dark tan skin. long dark curly hair and a wide smile. She is wearing teal.

Mina James

Mina James is a Toronto based theatre performer, improviser, writer, and educator. Her most recent theatre credits include Bagheera/Raksha in Jungle Book (YPT), Ensemble/Puppeteer in 1991 (Riser Project 2019/Theatre Center), Blister in Naughty Listers (Second City), Helena in All’s Well That Ends Well and Fortinbras in Hamlet (Canadian Stage Company). Other previous acting credits include: Ensemble in Blood Wedding (Buddies in Bad Times), Chorus in Antigonick (SummerWorks 2014), Mala in Sultans of the Street for YPT (Dora Win-Best Ensemble), Lennox in Macbeth and Grumio in The Taming of the Shrew (Canadian Stage Company). Mina was a fellow in the 2013 incarnation of the International Actor’s Fellowship at The Globe (UK). 

A make up covered face broken up like glass into 3 other sections, a clown, a raccoon, a witch.

Grades 6-10

Never Get In Your Own Way

This short piece is an emotional journey about what face you wear when you present in public. Taking place on Social Media, our protagonist, only known by their handle tigermoon222, guides their social media followers through their rigorous makeup routine, their "confidence look". Transforming as the piece plays out, they bears their heart out to their audience unsure if they are still themselves, speaking only into their phone camera to an eager following.


Themes: Gender, Identity, Diversity, Equity

Curriculum Connections:  Drama, Language Arts, Health, Physical Education

Brendan Chandler has pale skin and light brown hair and brown eyes. He is wearing green.

Brendan Chandler

Brendan Chandler is an indigenous artist - Cree/English from the hometown of Grande Prairie Alberta. Brendan made their journey to become an actor by traveling to Toronto, Ontario where they completed a three-year acting program at Humber College. Brendan has been a part of Weesageechak Festival at Native Earth for the last three years collaborating with incredible indigenous artist across Canada. They were cast in Daniel David Moses play Almighty Voice and his Wife right out of theatre school in 2017. Brendan’s true love is acting, but something has been directing him in a new direction which is writing and directing. Brendan is developing an 8-episode series called the Sins. The Sins is a horror film/series that revolves around James who lives in Algonquin Heights, where peculiar events unfold which are constructed by The Seven Deadly Sin and The Wendigo. 

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