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Since 1983, Roseneath Theatre has been touring high quality professional theatre for young audiences. As a not-for-profit registered charity, we rely on donations to reach approximately 100,000 children and youth each year. Your gift directly supports our touring productions and is fully tax deductible.


A Tradition in Excellence and Accessibility

Roseneath Theatre is one of the country’s leading producers of award-winning theatre for theatre for young audiences.


Our plays address issues that resonate with today’s youth, encouraging them to reflect on themselves and their place within the community.


Our commitment to excellence has earned us many accolades, including over 50 Dora nominations and a total of 14 Awards. Roseneath was also a recent finalist for the Ontario Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Roseneath gives up to 300 performances per year to approximately 100,000 young people, making us the largest professional touring theatre company in Ontario.


We are the only professional touring company to have visited every English speaking school district in Ontario, and our shows are offered to schools at a low-cost, which averages out to less than $3 per student.

Our plays tour for 6-8 weeks; each run includes 5 performances at inner-city designated schools in the City of Toronto and 5 under-served schools in smaller Ontario communities, reaching 12,000 at-risk children and youth (approximately 12% of our annual audience).

“Creating theatre for young people has huge challenges and joys. The biggest challenge is to create a dramatic literature that reflects all the complexity and nuance of contemporary life in a way that can be understood by a child… It has to be simple but not simplistic; A pure colour for the child that provokes a catalyst of colours for adults. The biggest joy is the children themselves. They are the best audience. Young people feel emotions with huge intensity. They will eat fast food if that’s all they are given, but they are hungry, starving even, for theatrical feasts.”  

David S. Craig, Co-Founder, Roseneath Theatre

Why We Create Theatre for Young Audiences:

  • We believe that young people have as rich an emotional life as adults.

  • We believe that children are as deserving, if not more, as adult audiences of high quality, professional theatre that speaks to their life experience and enriches their imaginations.

  • We encourage playwrights to explore themes and situations that express as much of that complex life as possible and then distill it into an accessible theatrical form.

In creating a dramatic literature that compares with the best of adult theatre, Roseneath Theatre challenges the way that the public and theatre professionals in North America view Theatre for Young Audiences.


The plays we develop are produced by theatres across Canada (in French and English), as well as the United States, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey and Israel.

Some of the theatres and festivals where we have performed include the National Arts Centre, Young People’s Theatre, The Belfry Theatre, Tarragon Theatre, The Manitoba Theatre for Young People (MTYP), Charlottetown Festival, Persephone Theatre, the Unicorn Theatre (UK), The Kennedy Centre (DC), the Brooklyn Academy of Music (NY), The New York International Arts Festival (NY), The New Jersey Performing Arts Centre (NJ), all major festivals for children in Canada and at theatres and festivals in the United States, Scotland, England, Ireland and Singapore.

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for digging deep in support of Roseneath Theatre. BIG THANKS from our Staff and Board of Directors. 

Individual Donors  

Doug Arcand

Kier Martin

Andrew Lamb

Joshua Bell

Linda Phillips

Peter Gallagher

David Vanderlip

Patricia Arseneau

Harvey Lamb

Dan Cremasco

Randall Howard

Arlene Mazerolle

Andrea Scott

Tanisha Taitt

Miriam Newhouse

Natalie Ackers

Joshua Stodart

Annemieke Wade

Monthly Donors

Whitney Wilson in honour of Miles Parker Morgan

Franco Pang

Wayne Fairhead

In Honour of

Djennie Laguerre in Memory of Hortense Bridge
Jan Thompson in Honour of Erin Norah Thompson & Jon Carbone
Sue Wade in Honour of Vesper & Lyric Johnston
Tekla Hendrickson in Honour of Hillete Warner

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