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Andrew Lamb, Artistic Director

On Tour

On Tour

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Taking Care of Maman

Grades 4-8

Eli’s maman is having her sadness again and she knows the only one who can help is their neighbour Madame Jean. This funny and touching piece explores how two completely different generations develop a supportive and lasting relationship during the hardest time of the pandemic. 

This show was originally written and produced as a live-stream but is now adapted for the stage in partnership with Black Theatre Workshop in Montreal.


The Money Tree

Grades K-6

When Shasta’s father loses his job, she is devastated to learn that previously laid plans for her upcoming birthday party must be significantly downsized. As the story progresses, Shasta and Simon meet a mysterious Traveler who gives them a seed that will make a tree grow leaves of money. Through a truly magical journey, the two ultimately learn that being a loyal friend is worth more than a big party or having all the latest toys. In the end, our friends, family and imaginations are truly our greatest assets.


No Big Deal

Grades 7-12

Longtime friends Ariel and Grayson are working at a horrible theme park for the summer to save up for college following their high school graduation. Their plan is to be roommates and take their first steps into adulthood together. But tensions created by their increasingly different ideas of growing into manhood - and a complicated incident involving fellow employee Lucy - might be enough to threaten the stability of their friendship. Tackling timely themes of contemporary masculinity, bro culture, and consent, No Big Deal is a complex, funny, and humane new play for high school audiences that's sure to provoke urgent discussion.

Digital Dialogues

Previously called "Live Streams", Digital Dialoguies offer access to our artistic stable of playwrights, actors, directors. Get exclusive access to a pre-recorded show to watch together as a class, watch independently on student devices or assigned as homework. Then we schedule a classroom talk-back Q&A with one of the creators over Zoom, Google Meets or Callbridge.





Our workshops cover a wide range of topics and are customized for your classroom!  Whether you need a specific topic covered to help with your lesson plan, or just some fun games to play and learn with for a couple of hours, Roseneath Theatre will find the right instructor and the right activity for your class.

We are able to offer in-person workshops for the GTA if requested!


French language or ASL workshops are available for select topics!

Workshop Subscription

Buy 3 workshops at a discounted price! Schedule them throughout the school year or use them for different classes. You don’t need to decide what topics right away, you can have these on standby until you need them. 


Please know that if cost is a barrier for your class, Roseneath can work out a price point that works within your budget.


Book Early for 2025/26

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Need funding to book Roseneath? Daytrippers childrens charity may provide what you need.
Book a Show
Book a live performance to come to your school complete with after show Q&A and study guide.
Live Stream Package
Streaming Package with Q&A talkback.
Workshop Subscription
Three workshops at a discount.
Save 10%
Single Workshop
Any subject. $10 per student per hour (minimum 15 students)
Starting at $150
Early bird Booking for 2024/25
Book a live performance to come to your school for next season at a $50 discount (offer expires April 30, 2024)

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