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Roseneath Theatre specializes in touring productions to venues across North America and beyond.


Please contact Managing Director Annemieke Wade at if you are interested in presenting Roseneath Theatre at your venue.


La Maleta

by Beatriz Pizano

The story of Roca, a ten-year old refugee who escapes her native Colombia. Incorporating both Spanish and English, ‘La Maleta (The Suitcase)’ will engage students’ imaginations and provide insight into what a new student who doesn’t speak their language might be feeling and thinking.

Grades 1-6


Themes: Immigration, Imagination, Bullying

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by Paul Dunn

The story of Daniel, a teen who triumphs over homophobic bullying, depression, and suicide. During a meeting of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) at his new school, Daniel shares his story. Meanwhile at his old school, struggling to come to terms with what happened, his friends Krystina and Jeremy attempt to start their own GSA.

Grades 7-12


Themes:  Homophobia, Bullying, Mental Health, GSAs

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The Money Tree

by Robert Watson

When Shasta’s father loses his job, she is devastated to learn that previously laid plans for her upcoming birthday party must be significantly downsized. Shasta and her new friend Simon meet a mysterious Traveler who gives them a seed that will make a tree grow leaves of money.

Grades 1-6


Themes: Friendship, Classism, Equity, Identity, Bullying

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Meet Cute

by Erin Norah Thompson

Two teens meet at a bus stop – could there be romance? ‘Meet Cute’ explores their conversation in three different ways using the same text and explores not only what you say, but HOW you say it.

Grades 7-12


Themes: Consent, Healthy Relationships, Critical Thinking

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Head À Tête

by David S. Craig and Robert Morgan

When two strangers, one French-speaking and one English-speaking, appear from opposite directions and discover a tree and the sanctuary it provides, a standoff begins. Frustration and conflict grows with each word spoken, but it is through the loss and re-birth of the tree that they find peace in each other’s company.

Grades K-4

Themes: Empathy, Respect, Responsibility, Emotions

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