RPG Dice scattered on a table. Small figures of monsters on the sides of the image.

Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure awaits! Supervised Dungeons & Dragons will keep your kid (ages 8-16) engaged 3 hours a day with problem solving, reading comprehension, math, and team work. 

D&D has been moved into virtual space!


Our Dungeon Master can screen-share the battle map so kids stay engaged and have a clear understanding of the game.


Dungeons & Dragons provides a unique opportunity to adventure with friends without leaving the comfort of your home.

All skill levels welcome from level 1 first-time players to level 20 dragon slayers!

This program runs for P.A. Days, March Break and Summer week-long camps, 3-day Saturday series monthly, and a continuous long play subscription.

It’s renewed on a weekly basis so check back and sign up for your next quest!

Kids love the socialization offered in a safe structured environment like D&D. Let their imagination run wild!


Cooperation, teamwork , reading comprehension and problem solving are all added bonuses to D&D


Practice math skills and learn about probability and game theory with hands on experience

Learning Aid

Keep thinking on your toes with D&D constantly challenging you to "yes-and" your fellow players!



With Camps going online, so has our D&D programming. Logon to our Callbridge chat with any device that has a microphone and can connect to the internet. Running 3 days a week, check back for the next sign up forms. With such high demand we are now dividing our adventure parties into Beginner and Advanced groups! Adventure awaits! 



Empower your home-game! Learn to Dungeon-Master like the best and amaze your friends with your powerful storytelling. Be the master of your own world and take your party out for your own adventure in this workshop designed to give you the tools to be the Dungeon Master for your next big table-top role play campaign.


Now available online! We're offering our very popular epic long campaign that takes place over 3 - 5 Saturday afternoons. This is the chance to let your adventurer flex their D&D skills and level up to fight the big bad boss and save the kingdom.