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D&D Long Campaign

Hello there Fellow Adventurers!
From January 12 until April 27 from 4 - 7 PM Roseneath Theatre will be offering long term Dungeons and Dragons Adventures.
DM Breticus will be running Ghosts of Saltmarsh
This Adventure collects seven D&D adventures, each famous for their unique challenges, for their deadly threats, and for embracing the danger and wonder of the high seas. Some of these adventures initially charted their courses in the earliest days of D&D’s history. While others set sail in more recent years. In each case, these tales of plunder and peril have been updated for the current edition of the game revealing salty shores for brave crews to explore anew!

ASD Improv

Get ready for an hour of improv fun that focuses on building social skills! These improv sessions are geared towards kids on the autism spectrum with modified games of all kinds!

Dungeons & Dragons

Adventure awaits! Supervised Dungeons & Dragons will keep your kid engaged 3 hours a day with problem solving, math, and team work. Dungeons & Dragons provides a unique opportunity to adventure with friends without leaving the comfort of your home. All skill levels welcome from level 1 first-time players to level 20 dragon slayers!