and His



         by Juan Jaramillo

Image by Gibbon FitzGibbon

On tour to GTA schools April 2023

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Grades 1-6

This play is the story of a d/Deaf boy from Colombia who moves to Canada. Because he’s deaf, he struggles to hear and tries to keep up with what the teachers are saying. It is tough to be a deaf kid. Why can't he speak right, why can't he hear right? Wearing a hearing aid is not always the best reliable device and kids always make fun of him for wearing hearing aid devices. He really wants to learn sign language but the school says it’s not allowed. Then he meets the Llama (puppet) who is also deaf and then they become fast friends. They both feel an instant connection because they both understand each other. Fernando and Llama go on a search for the llama’s family. They meet three different farmers but they don't know how to communicate with the deaf boy, but they both find a way to communicate with each other. Fernando and the Llama have some teaching moments like learning different kinds of sign language animals, how to appropriately talk to deaf people - like not yelling or covering their mouths.

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Language

Character Education Connections: 


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Juan Jaramillo and the Fernando Llama Puppet

Fernando and His Llama is written by Juan Jaramillo