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In This World – Stories From The Road Week 3

The cast and crew of In This Worldis back with more adventures from their third week on the road!

Meilie striking a pose for the camera during the taping of the In This World Promo

Saturday – Roseneath Theatre Educator and Public Preview

It was great to be back at Roseneath where our rehearsals began. Prior to our performance, Dib and Dob and the Journey Home also performed. After weeks of seeing the mysterious set from Dib and Dob in the rehearsal space, it was great to finally see this fantastic show come to life.

Since our audience was older than the high school students that we’re normally acquainted with, we received different reactions than what we’ve been used to. It was a great first show and a very fast turn around that led right into the second show for the day. It’s always exciting to do a show for friends and family. It gives a different energy.

We may be veterans of the road at this point but Dib and Dob were just about to embark on their tour. So to celebrate all the work that has been put into getting both shows up and on the road, we threw a cast and crew party to end the day!

The Crew getting Meilie Ng mic’d up and ready to go

After two days of much deserved rest, we were in the truck by 7:30 AM and headed to our next school. Upon reaching our destination, we pulled around back and were greeted with smiling faces and Tim bits! It was a bit of a walk from the truck to the stage but our student helpers were full of positive energy and jokes that made the work easy and enjoyable.


With a slightly later start to our day, we made our way out to Markham for a performance at Middlefield CI. Pulling up to the load in location we were immediately assisted by teacher and student helpers. You could tell by the interaction between the students and their teachers that there was an admirable amount of respect shared between them. Thanks to their great help and a direct load in we experienced another fast set up.

A hazard of a tour like ours is that not only do the actors take a beating but so does the gear. Upon setup, we found that our laptop wasn’t working which meant no sound! It was a fantastic show but the sound effects certainly add to the tension in the play. After seeing the show 20+ times, it was strange to have that element missing. On the other hand the students were amazing. They gave great reactions, were very attentive, laughed, and expressed enthusiasm at all the right moments.


With no schools booked for this day, we took advantage of having some ‘down time’ to put our fantastic show on film. Little did we know that Mother Nature would be fighting us with a rare spring ‘winter storm’. The cast and film crew bravely battled the elements, and we made it to Roseneath to start the load in and film crew set up.

Having new elements to consider such as mics and camera angles, definitely made things interesting for Oyin and Meilie. With specific scenes mapped out in advance we were able to shoot a great promo video to use to help sell this very important play to Ontario Schools next season.

Brokendolly Productions doing a Lighting check and Heather making sure that Meilie and Oyin’s mic’s are working on the set of In This World.


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