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Looking forward in 2019

What to expect in the new year for shows and programming:


Touring Shows

It is a joy and a privilege to bring our productions into schools across the continent and engage students in important conversations around the challenges and realities they face in their lives and in their communities. Our season is nearly sold out, but there are a few dates available for certain regions for both ‘Outside’ (January – March) and ‘Head À Tête’ (March – May).

Outside Touring: January 17 – March 8. Our Dora Award Nominated show is on the road and headed even further out. We are excited to be showcasing the play in schools and theatres in the United States. We will be taking this performance into theatres on the following dates:

  1. March 4 Performing Arts Center in Burlington, ON

  2. March 6 Grand Theatre in Kingston, ON

  3. March 8 Rose Theatre in Brampton, ON

Head à Tête Touring: March 18 – May 3. A play we have been producing since the early days of Roseneath, but with brand new design and a fresh take on this timeless bilingual tale. We are hosting previews of this play on Saturday, March 16 at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm (RSVP HERE).

We will be announcing our 2019/2020 season in April. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!


Family Programs

January 18 P.A. Day Camp: Superhero Science Day! Kids ages 6-11 get a day full of superhero themed fun! Registration is open now!

How to Train Your Dungeon Master: This new program aims to educate youth leaders on how to manage a table of players, and create imaginative worlds to immerse their friends into this incredibly popular table-top RPG. It is a 10-week class on how to run and manage a Dungeons & Dragons game as well as creating your own home-brew worlds. Saturday afternoons January 21 – April 4 recommended for Ages 12-16 Registration is open now!

February 15 P.A. Day Camp: The Wonderful Wizarding World of Roseneath Theatre March Break Camp Calling all Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Slytherins and Hufflepuffs, grab your brooms, wands, and cauldrons and join us for another magical day at Roseneath Theatre! The day will include divination, herbology, and astronomy classes, as well as the return of the Sorting Hat Ceremony. The day will conclude with the highly anticipated Roseneath Qudditch match! It will be a creative and inspired day of fun that your kids will not want to miss! Register Now to avoid disappointment!

March Break Camp “NERD CLUB” is now accepting registrations! Nerd club will explore and celebrate the many different sides of nerd culture. Every day we will explore a new nerdom including but not limited to things such as: Comics and Cartooning, Storytelling, Theatre, Dungeon and Dragons and Tabletop/Video Gaming.

Summer Camps are now open for registration! Check out our variety of excellent youth programing:


What else is happening in 2019?

We will be hosting out annual Online Auction! The fundraising auction will start on March 15 and will run until May 3. We already have some exciting prizes that will be up for auction including Photography Sessions, Tickets to theatre performances all over the GTA, VIP Museum Passes, Family Activities, and much more to come!

Happy new year!


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