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Teacher Study Guide Resources

Are you an educator in need of at-home assignments and group work to assign to your students? Roseneath wants to help. No booking is required to use our study guide resources that can be found at and archived study guides can be found here.

Our study guides are related to our shows but you do not need to have seen our shows to make use of our educator made, curriculum compatible activities that can be done online. We have activities for both elementary and secondary level students. Below are some of our selected choices that we think will translate well into virtual classrooms.

Roseneath Theatre Study Guide links for Teachers and Parents:

Study Guides

Elementary Student Activities:

From Birds of a Feather: Here are some great exercises that explore families and traditions as we’ve just experienced Passover and Easter.

Junior Bird Watchers – This exercise lets kids be creative with discovering the physical and emotional qualities that make up a Laysan Albatross.

On the Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls page you will find an excellent resource on pronouns and creating a safe space for students to use their preferred pronouns.

The Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls page has an excellent glossary on gender.

Are you having a discussion on transphobia? “Why is that Transphobic” give you the resources to answer hard questions.

The Head À Tête page contains a fun exercise on gibberish – highlighting communication styles and misunderstandings, language barriers and learning from context.

Talking about climate change? Here are some prompts for class discussion.

Push and Pull factors of Immigration, found in the La Maleta (The Suitcase) study guide, can be a good jumping off point for discussions on immigration.

If you are studying world cultures, there is a fun group exercise (that can be completed virtually).

Secondary Student Activities:

The Outside page has a section on Peer Pressure with an exercise that can be done in partners or groups.

Pass the Word is an excellent exercise (found in the Meet Cute study guide) on words, intonation and body language and can be adapted easily to be played virtually.

Talking about Healthy Relationships? There’s an exercise for that on the Meet Cute page. At home hint: instead of dividing the room into 4 sections, simply change the exercise to have each student hold up a piece of paper/sign that gives their answer.

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