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Roseneath Theatre Presents:

Princess Frownsalot

Produced by Bat Hats Theatre

Tour Schedule

February - March 2021

School performances include a talk-back session with the artists.

  • Study Guide (Coming Soon)

  • Cast and Crew (Coming Soon)

  • Princess Frownsalot Flyer (Coming Soon)


Please contact our booking coordinator, Rachel Marks, to schedule your performance

Grades K-4

Did anyone ever tell you that ‘if you keep making that face it’ll get stuck that way’?


Well, when Princess Frownsalot frowns one too many times that’s exactly what happens to her, or so it says in the book found by a troupe of players in desperate need of a new production.


Adapted from the short story by John Bianchi of Bungalo Books, Princess Frownsalot is an evocative and hilarious story about four people wrestling with the complicated task of expressing their feelings.


Curriculum Connections: Drama, Language Arts, Health & Phys Ed


Character Education: Empathy, Kindness & Caring, Honesty

Themes: Communication, Emotions, Mental Wellness, Compromise

Produced by Bad Hats Theatre – Winners of three 2016 Dora Mavor Moore Awards in the Theatre for Young Audiences Category.

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