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Our workshops, customized for you classroom. Workshop graphics tile the backdrop and feature a vairety of drama activities and titles.

Roseneath Theatre

Ground breaking Theatre for Young Audiences Since 1983

Two actors present in front of a group of children at the end of our production "Birds of a Feather"

For Teachers

Roseneath is dedicated to helping our children learn, to grow into young adults and make responsible socially informed decisions in the new normal we’re building together - so we are offering virtual workshops! We are working towards virtual and social-distanced solutions to bring our performances to schools across Ontario in the 2023/2024 season.

For Parents

Roseneath also provides extracurricular activities in the way of daily and weekly camps. These engaging and active programs encourage creativity, imagination, and self-expression.

Kids gathered around a dungeons and dragons game, looking over the head of the dungeon master.

Life lessons expressed through the arts

Roseneath is a professional theatre company delivering artistically excellent original Canadian productions that engage and inspire young audiences. Our plays address provocative issues relevant to today’s youth encouraging them to reflect on themselves and their place within the community. The impact of our collaborative work is immediate and inclusive.

Support Us

Since 1983, Roseneath Theatre has been touring high quality professional theatre for young audiences. As a not-for-profit registered charity, we rely on donations to reach approximately 100,000 children and youth each year. Your gift directly supports our touring productions and is fully tax deductible.


Roseneath Theatre

651 Dufferin Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M6K 2B2


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