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Roseneath's G.Y.M.

G.Y.M. stands for Get Your Move-on (or: Get You Moving)! These are pre-recorded guided physical exercise routines for kids ages 4 and up. These were created with our Canada's Summer Jobs student! Learning from home means fewer opportunities for getting much needed activity, so shake out your sillies, stretch like your favourite animal, and get your heart racing with our videos! 

Roseneath Theatre is a not for profit charity, any support you can give us helps us to create more programming like this and make it available for free.


Physical well being can be a challenge when doing school from home. It's important to stay active!


Shake out your sillies with our pre recorded exercise videos for all kids ages 4 and up!


Burn off excess energy and focus on important school work. Build a routine just like at school!

Silly Stretches

Warm up and cool down with these giggle inducing stretches!

Wild Workout

Perfect for unleashing our inner animals! This is a yoga and stretching video.

Cool Cardio

Get your heart racing with this cardio workout! Cool down with yoga and stretches.

Norah Rahman has tan skin and a long dark braid. She looks over her shoulder and is wearing black


Norah Rahman (She/Her)

Norah is a International Baccalaureate student with a science concentration who works with children of all ages as a karate instructor and english tutor. She joined Roseneath for the Canada Summer Jobs student position over the summer of 2020. Some of her favourite extracurriculars are her role as DECA president, school ambassador, and badminton team member. Norah has been published in Toronto Public Library’s youth anthology for her poetry.  

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