Mark Clemens

Mark Clemens is a white man with short brown hair and a short beard.

Mark Clemens has been working in the performing arts for over 10 years.


Graduate of The Harris Institute for the Arts where he received honours in Arts Management.


After graduation Mark worked as a grant writer working with a variety of musical talent from indie startup bands to Juno and Grammy award winners, helping them navigate the complex arts grants system of Canada.

Mark works with a small team to create and produce “Culturally F’d”, a YouTube channel with over 12,000 subscribers. Culturally F’d is a series of video essays and documentary vignettes dedicated toward anthropomorphic animals found in media and history and the oddball collection of nerds known as the furry fandom.

Mark is also partnered with a local non for profit to produce an LGBTQ+ livestream series entitled “Quests and Queers” where a diverse cast of queer-identified players engage in an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaign. This livestream is available on, YouTube and as an audio podcast.

Mark grew up in Hamilton, ON, where he performed in his high school production of “Footloose” and wrote his first play. He loves to create, make costumes, art, podcasts, and a good game of D&D.

Community Engagement Coordinator