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Discover Roseneath This Season

Welcome to yet another season with Roseneath Theatre! Roseneath will be directing its focus this season on engaging audiences with the notion of Self-Discovery. Young people are shaped by a variety of influences—good and bad—which they encounter on a regular basis.  Whether they realize it consciously or not, the words and actions of the people around them have a large impact on the way in which they see the world. The productions in Roseneath’s 29th season of curriculum-connected, engaging theatre for Grades JK-12 address the influence that individuals have on one another. We take a close look at the way youth react with their peers, family, friends and siblings; as well as the way our choices, beliefs and history shape our path.

Self-Discovery plays a sizeable role in their lives of young people as they experience more of the world and start to decide how to mould their own future. Youth struggle to both discover and express their identity to their peers and family. Through the content of the productions this season, as well as theatre as a form of expression, we hope to teach audiences about discovering themselves.

WRECKED (Recommended for Grades 7-12) Touring: October 29th – December 7th Themes: Harm reduction, alcohol/substance abuse, family Curriculum connections: Health & Phys-Ed, Drama Character Education Connections: Integrity, Responsibility, Perseverance, Voice WRECKED encourages audiences to think critically about both the users and victims of substance abuse, the resources available in seeking help, the importance of support systems and the influence of peer groups.

IN THIS WORLD (Recommended for Grades 9-12) Public Performances At Tarragon Theatre:  March 19th—24th Touring Ontario Schools: March 25th – May 10th Themes: self-advocacy, racism, classism, sexual politics, equity Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Humanities, Health and Phys-Ed, Drama Character Education Connections: Communication, Voice, Empathy, Respect, Co-operation, Fairness, Identity IN THIS WORLD allows audiences to explore the complex issues of race, class and sex which regularly challenge high school students. This play closely examines the concerns surrounding the development of teens’ beliefs, choices and relationships.

DIB & DOB AND THE JOURNEY HOME (Recommended for Grades JK-4) Touring Ontario Schools: April 8th – June 7th Themes: bullying, teamwork, communication Curriculum Connections: Language (Oral Communication), Drama Character Education Connections: Empathy, Co-operation, Perseverance, Respect, Kindness & Caring, Voice DIB & DOB uses non-verbal communication and physical theatre to demonstrate the importance of working together and self-expression.

To book a Roseneath production to come to your school click here.

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