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In This World: Sault Ste Marie!

Off we go! 

Hey I’m Meghan and I play the role of Neyssa in In This World. 

The bags are packed, snacks close by and mix cd’s are ready to get some serious playtime. We do have about 2102 km (thanks Google!) to cover over the next week after all. And of course this includes  the essential pit stops for washroom breaks, coffee, fast food, more coffee and even more washroom breaks – we have many hours of driving ahead of us. 

Okay well… I’m not doing any of the driving – but I am a very enthusiastic navigator! 

Our first overnight rest stop was Sault Ste Marie. We didn’t get to do much exploring, as it was Easter Sunday (everything was closed) and super foggy rainy. BUT we did get to enjoy a great meal together and take advantage of the pool / steam room! In the morning we packed back into the truck and kept on heading north passing through small towns like Wawa, White River, Marathon and Nipagon.

I have never travelled to Northern Ontario and I gotta say, so far it’s pretty beautiful…the frozen lakes, the Canadian Shield (thanks gr.8 geography!) the snow… Actually I’ve had enough snow.

On the second day of driving we run lines from the

show (as the young man at the gas station looks at us strangely) and stopped for lunch in this small town of White River, where we got an impromptu history of the town and learned that it is the home of Winnie the Pooh Bear! 

Our first shows will be in Thunder Bay, and I’m really excited to share In This World with more audiences. I’m so lucky to be part of a fantastic team doing a show that reaches out to its audience and truly challenges them.  

Next stop…

Thunder Baaay


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