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My Afternoons with Roseneath Theatre

The end of the school year brings the end of our time with our current TDSB co-op student, Andrew. We wanted to know what he got out of working at Roseneath over the past five months – and we wanted him to share it with all of you!

It’s hard to believe that I’m already near the end of my placement here at Roseneath. The time has gone by so quickly, and I’ve learned so much. It has been an amazing experience that has shaped me into a more confident and mature person. Starting out at Roseneath I had little to no job experience. I had never gone for a job interview, and never worked in a real office or work space. Once I joined the Roseneath staff for my placement, I was welcomed with open arms. For the first time, I’ve been treated as an equal, and not undermined for my youth.

Working alongside the amazing staff, they have taught me so much. I was never aware of the all the hard work that goes into Theatre behind the scenes. I wasn’t even aware that you could work in an office in the arts. I’ve worked with a database, used maps to create directions to shows and map out nearby restaurants for the actors, as well as help maintain props and equipment. In fact, a few of the blogs on here have been personally edited by me. Being a member of the Roseneath team has definitely rewarded me with unforgettable experiences. There is nothing more incredible then to be able to read real scripts created by real professionals! Having been in a few drama courses I’ve created a few scripts for my classes, but being able to analyze professional scripts of a higher magnitude is nothing short of amazing. The fun does not end there however, for I’ve also been granted the opportunity to meet the cast and crew of both In This World and Dib and Dob and The Journey Home! There have been many days where I’ve actually watched the actors rehearse, and so I’ve been able to see how these plays have progressed starting with the actors on script and moving off script with minor improvisations.

Everyday at Roseneath has been a pleasure, be it a slow or busy day. It’s almost impossible to ever feel bored. The staff here have the brightest and realest personalities that I’ve ever seen. I’ve gained many skills as a production and administration assistant, and also grown into a more confident person. It’s funny, before I started my placement; I used to be quieter, now it’s a matter of getting me to stop talking! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Roseneath, and I know I’ll continue to share the story of my time spent here.

– Andrew C., TDSB Co-op student

Thank you for all your hard work Andrew!

Roseneath Theatre welcomes up to two high-school co-op students per semester. If you are interested in spending your co-op placement with us, please contact our Education and Marketing Department:


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