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Why ‘In This World’ is out of this world!

Hazel .H Roseneath theater's high school co-op student

Hazel .H Roseneath theatre’s high school co-op student

Hi my name is Hazel, and I am Roseneath Theatre’s high school co-op student from Western Technical Commercial School . As a co-op student I get to do a lot of fun jobs which include me being a part of the making of their new production of In This World.

Coming to Roseneath every afternoon is the best part of my day. Here I feel like an important part in the making of the productions, especially with In This World since I am the target demographic.  It is fun to have the actresses seeking my approval and asking my opinion on whether something is relevant or not to teens today.  Each person that is a part of this Production has such passion for what they are doing and it comes out brilliantly in their work!

I also truly appreciate the fact that Roseneath is not afraid to show the real and rawness of the situation between high school girls, because the fact is they can be quite mean and catty. Since they are touching on some very serious subjects such as sexual and physical abuse the fact that the play has such a rawness adds another layer to the performance and makes it more believable for the audience.

On the first day of reading the script I was invited in to watch and listen, and right from that day I knew this was something truly special and different.  Stephanie Jung (Bijou) and Megan Swaby (Neyssa) are truly amazing at what they do; even at the reading they had me thinking they were the characters because of how animated and truly captivating their performance was. Because of these factors I believe the show will be very effective at raising awareness and could help people who have, or might in the future go through something similar to Neyssa and Bijou.

The cast and crew of 'In This World'

The cast and crew of ‘In This World’

I feel this play should be shown to more and more teens because it shows many different sides to teen life,such as different ethnicity, different classes and different views.  I feel the topics addressed in In This World touch upon some serious and controversial subjects that really need to be talked about more than they are. The subject of sexual assault needs to be taught to youth more, especially since this is a growing problem in our society today. If someone does go through this they shouldn’t feel alone, shameful or like they can’t tell anyone. Not telling anyone lets the culprit get away and continue doing the same to others. This play helps show how difficult and life changing the experience can really be especially for a youth. If you are in this kind or have recently gone through this situation we urge you to tell a family member, friend, teacher or even call the Children’s Help Phone (1-800-668-6868).

You can watch a short video clip from the production here.



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