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Birds of a Feather actors Bria McLaughlin and Michaela Di Cesare talk in front a group of children after a performance for a Q&A period. They are standing with the set behind them.

2020-21 Season

Update May 2021:

Roseneath Theatre is proud to partner with Canadian Stage for Dream in High Park and present "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls" for a limited run of in-person performances at the Shakespeare In the Park stage in High Park. Tickets for Dream in High Park performances will go on sale once there is clarity surrounding the resumption of outdoor performances. 

Learn more about Dream in High Park 2021 summer season, buy tickets, and more here.

Learn more about "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls" here

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2020-21 Season Announcement

Bringing ground-breaking theatre to Ontario students in new ways!

     Updated January 2021


At Roseneath Theatre we’re hopeful that we will be able to return to a regular touring season in the months ahead. We are excited to pull into your school's parking lot, unpack our beautifully hand crafted sets and give students across Ontario the gift of live performance. 

Until then we will be offering theatre and drama to young people across Ontario in new ways!



Roseneath is dedicated to helping our children learn in these unusual times, to grow into young adults and make responsible socially informed decisions in the new normal we’re building together - so we are offering virtual workshops!


Workshops for Virtual Classrooms

Our professional artist educators, actors, playwrights, designers and directors can join your virtual classroom to lead workshops. These workshops are tailored to your classroom’s needs and curriculum and can involve scripts from our past productions, as well as hands-on creative activities for students. These sessions can include a talkback where our artists take questions from your students and discuss their craft.


#RoseneathAtHome for Home or School

We have been running online camps for kids through our #RoseneathAtHome program on a near weekly basis since the start of the pandemic and can bring these activities and programs to your home or virtual classroom. Past programs include: Acting, Storytelling, Improv, Dance, Wizarding, Drag, Superheroes, Gardening, Dungeons and Dragons.



We’re exploring new ways to bring live shows to Ontario schools, whether via live streaming or through open-air social-distanced performances and talkbacks. 

Live Stream Creators Project

We are currently developing short 15-20 minute pieces with our new Live Stream Creators Project which we hope to offer to a limited number of test performances via video conference in late November and early December. These live-stream performances will be launched more widely in 2021 for schools across Ontario. Please ensure you’re on our mailing list to receive the latest information on this project. 

Streaming FREE for everyone Spring 2021
Made possible with the ShowLoveTO program, a new initiative from the City of Toronto, Roseneath Theatre is excited to offer our promotional recordings of three of our plays:

March 15 2021: Birds of a Feather     REGISTER HERE
April 12 2021: La Maleta (The Suitcase)     REGISTER HERE
May 16 2021: Meet Cute     REGISTER HERE

These shows will be made publicly available to stream on demand through YouTube for free for everyone. This is the perfect opportunity to bring a touring show into your device, a classroom or with the family. Our plays will come with a new line of accessibility options!

You can accompany one of these shows with a classroom workshop led by the actors, director or playwright of the work and we can lead your class through our Study Guide pre and post show activities.



Roseneath has several Study Guides for elementary and secondary levels with excellent activities that can all be accessed for free at We have a selection of online activities that can be easily adapted for your virtual classroom:

Roseneath will be uploading pre-recorded interviews with Roseneath artists, as well as our G.Y.M. (Get Your Move-on) videos, to the Roseneath YouTube channel which can stream directly to your remote learning devices and your home!


To further our ongoing commitment to serving all young people, we are reaching out to traditionally under-serviced communities and are beginning to develop new programs with them. These include resources for teachers and parents of neurodiverse children and youth, members of the D/deaf and Hard of Hearing community, those who may be Blind/Low Vision and other members of the Disability Community.


If you are an educator or homeschooling parent who wants to know how Roseneath can support you, your child, your class, or your school, please get in touch with our Accessibility and Booking Coordinator, Rachel Marks, at

Daytrippers Children's Charity Logo school bus colour logo

Every student deserves the opportunity to visit unique places of learning, but not all can afford it. Daytrippers Children's Charity aims to remove financial barriers and enable enriched learning opportunities for in-need children across Canada. Daytrippers provides funding to help elementary students in lower-income and remote communities to experience learning opportunities from recognized educational and cultural institutions to help unlock their full potential.

A Stock photo of a middle aged white woman giving a speech to a roomfull of listeners

Custom made for your classroom and curriculum. Get access to a show script and study guide with a Q&A with professional playwrights, actors and directors for your classroom

Actors Aldrin Bundoc (as John) and Margarita Valderrama (as Jane) in the play "Meet Cute". Jane sits uncomfortably close to John.

We absolutely cannot wait to perform for you again. Whether virtually through a livestream or in person for an outdoor, social-distanced show.

Read More Below

Two young boys react mid game of Dungeons and Dragons. The left boy is white with long brown hair and is mid "OOO" to the right is a boy with brown skin and large wavy brown hair, looking to the right.

We can take our online community camps #RoseneathAtHome and adapt these guided activities into classroom exercises! 

Actors Bria McLaughlin (as Violet) and Michaela Di Cesare (as Sarah) perform in "Birds of a Feather". Violet sneaks up on an unspecting Sarah, who is looking through binoculars.

Birds of a Feather

by Robert Watson

While on vacation with her grandma in Hawaii, junior birdwatcher Sarah befriends Violet who introduces her to the world of the Laysan albatross, a native species of bird that has a diferent kind of family from many others. The girls create a story about Makani and Kainoa, two albatross who are working together to hatch an egg. Through their exploration they learn about compromise, believing in yourself and that family in all its varieties is made up of the people who love you. The birds rejoice when their egg finally hatches and the play concludes with Sarah feeling secure in the knowledge that her family is the perfect one for her.

Grades K-4

Themes: Family, Diversity, Imagination, Identity

"La Maleta (The Suitcase)" performance, Jill Harland as Grandmother, Sofía Rodríguez as Roca, Oscar Moreno as Paz and Jessica Esmeralda Zepeda as Kadin. Roca and Paz hold hands in center stage as Grandmother stands to the left and Kadin sits to the right.

La Maleta (The Suitcase)

by Beatriz Pizano

La Maleta (The Suitcase) is the story of Roca, a ten-year-old refugee who escapes her native Colombia clutching her suitcase – inside which she believes her grandmother is hiding.


Struggling to adapt to a new city, a new school and a new way of life, Roca befriends Paz, a boy with a secret who is being bullied by their classmates.


Incorporating both Spanish and English, this production will engage students’ imaginations and provide insight into what a new student who doesn’t speak their language might be feeling and thinking.

"Meet Cute" Performance. Aldrin Bundoc as John look amiably at Margarita Valderrama as Jane, who returns his gaze.

Meet Cute

by Erin Norah Thompson

Two teens meet at a bus stop – could there be romance? ‘Meet Cute’ explores their conversation in three different ways using the same text and explores not only what you say, but HOW you say it.


Grades 7-12


Themes: Consent, Healthy Relationships, Critical Thinking

A banner containing logos of Roseneath Theatre's supporters and sponsors. Funding support from Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Toronto Arts Council. Supporters include Better Toronto Coalition, TD Canada Trust, Hal Jackman Foundation, Studio Lab Theatre Foundation, The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation. Sponsors include Value Car & Truck Rental, Master Tour by Eventric, MASC, and TDSB Arts.
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