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2021-2022 Season
All Access

Roseneath’s 2021-22 Digital Season offers groundbreaking on demand and live stream content with d/Deaf Theatre Interpretation, Audio Description and Closed Captioning to ensure full access to our productions for all educators, students and families. We’re excited to bring you into our world of social justice and equity themed plays through your screens, and look forward to offering you access to Roseneath’s artists and their passion for young audiences.


Andrew Lamb, Artistic Director

Andrew Lamb smiling against a black backdrop. He has white skin, light coloured hair and glasses. He is wearing a blue collar shirt under a black top.
A banner with photos from our On Demand plays. On the left is Spirit Horse actors Dakota Hebert (Jesse), Brianne Tucker (Angelina) embracing and looking out in wonder. The middle is a still from The Money Tree. The right side is a photo from the High-Park performance of Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls with D/deaf theatre interpretors.

All Roseneath on Demand digital content is available for teachers to use in the classroom this fall at no cost! Each show comes with a curriculum friendly study guide, and can be viewed with various access points for disabled audiences. Please register your class so that we can provide you with the best viewing experience to suit your classroom needs.

On Demand
Roseneath On Demand

Available for a limited time only!

Birds of a Feather actor Michaela Di Cesare peers through binoculars, her vision displayed behind her on a projected screen. She is wearing a blue shirt and a flower lei.


Grades K-4

Only available until

September 17, 2021

La Maleta (The Suitcase) actor Sofía Rodríguez sorrowfully leans on her suitcase.


Grades 4-8

Only available until

October 15, 2021

Meet Cute actors wait for the bus at a bus stop.


Grades 7-12

Only available until

November 5, 2021

Coming Soon

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls cast sits together and look on in joy and amazement. featuring Samson Brown, Matthew Finlan and athena kaitlin trinh.


Grades 2-8


Fall 2021

The Money Tree actors stand mid-explaination. Joashua Steward has his right hand raised while Rebecca Perry looks on.



Grades K-6


Winter 2021

The full cast of Spirit Horse poses.


Grades 4-8


Spring 2022

A red fade to a broken digital screen of white blue and black stripes and lines of broken glass.
Roseneath Live Streams

At the beginning of the pandemic, Roseneath Theatre recognised the livelihood of artists were at risk. We were quick to take action and commissioned IBPOC creators to devise theatrical work for a digital platform. There will be more Live Stream shows announced later in the season. These digital productions will be streamed live to classrooms and students' devices in real time, with a Q&A talkback after the show.

Live Streams
Mischeif graphic. A headless statue in front a glitchy blue backdrop. In place of the head is the 8 pointed Mi'kmaq star and a feather. There is a spider-web of broken glass over the whole image, centering on where the statues head would be.

Fall 2021

Grades 7-12



A youth activist is questioned by authorities after the statue of Edward Cornwallis loses his head. Brook Stephens (Lisa Nasson) defends her actions while being interrogated in a police station. Inspired by true events, Brook takes the audience and the hawk-like policewoman through the historical context of Mi’kmaq oppression.

Lisa Nasson

Like We Used To graphic. A pixelated hand holds up a phone with a broken screen. It's taking a photo of a hazy gray toronto skyline with chat emojis expressing climate outrage.

Winter 2022

Grades 4-8

Like We Used To


Lara and Sam are 6th graders who talk over zoom in an attempt to organize youth climate action during the covid 19 lockdown. They clash over what to do to help the big picture and get tangled in their personal relationship. A pandemic shifted look being with your friends and trying to make a difference in the world and if 50,000 followers on social media is enough to make an impact.


Mina James

Never Get In Your Own Way graphic. Broken glass and glitchy portaits of a cell-shaded raccoon, a pixelated witch, a person applying makeup, and a pixellated clown with a brush an paints. A pixelated rainbow divides the screen along one of the glass cracks.

Spring 2022

Grades 6-10

Never Get In Your Own Way

A journey from age 7 to 17 on accepting internal queerness and addressing external bullying and misunderstanding. Using makeup and costume transitions, our nameless protagonist (Brendan Chandler) transforms from a wicked witch, to a raccoon, to a vampire, to a clown and finally to themselves when they realize that you can’t hide behind funny faces.

Brendan Chandler

Roseneath Virtual Workshops

Our workshops cover a wide range of topics and are customized for your classroom! Coming in virtually for 21/22 season, and available in person for the 22/23 season (GTA only). Whether you need a specific topic covered to help with your lesson plan, or just some fun games to play and learn with for a couple of hours, Roseneath Theatre will find the right instructor and the right activity for your class.


French language workshops are available for select topics!

Workshop Subscription

Buy 3 workshops at a discounted price! Schedule them throughout the school year or use them for different classes. You don’t need to decide what topics right away, you can have these on standby until you need them. 


Please know that if cost is a barrier for your class, Roseneath can work out a price point that works within your budget.

Click this banner to be brought to the Day Trippers website. They offer funding for school trips.

Book Early for 2022/23

We simply cannot express how excited we are to tour after the pandemic. Book a show for the 22/23 season today and get amazing savings. Bring professionally produced live theatre to your school, complete with curriculum supporting study guide activities and talkback Q&A with the performers. If the pandemic is still active next year, don’t worry, we’ll roll over your booking to the next season, until things are safe.



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Book a live performance to come to your school complete with after show Q&A and study guide.
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Any subject. $10 per student per hour (minimum 15 students)
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